Monday, September 26, 2016

I'm Not Watching Tonight

And of course I mean I won't be watching Monday Night Football.

But or course I mean I won't be watching the debate. In fact I stopped watching the debates a long time ago. To me they have become meaningless. I don't think you learn much from them. Part of that is I've made up my mind how I'll be voting. And I'm not interested in seeing Trump lie for 90 minutes.

Another reason I've stopped watching is I've become disillusioned with the political process. At one point politicians had ideas. There was at least some debate on the issues. The media also covered the issues. Now it seems like endless name calling on the part of the candidates and all the media is the results of the latest polls.

And then this year there is Trump. The culmination of the Republican Party's pandering to the far far far right of their party. The result being a candidate who is uniquely unqualified to be president. But the Republicans don't care about that. All that matters to them and has matter for a long time is power. If it takes pandering to a reactionary and undemocratic forces so be it. All that matter is that Republicans win.

Nothing shows this more to me than this statement from a Trump campaign official (who just so happened to be a contestant on his reality show). Every critic, every detractor will have to bow down to President Trump.

She might want to read the Constitution (my guess if she did it would be the first time she has). She might find out we are electing a president not a king.

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