Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I got an Interview

I actually had an interview on Friday.

Now I'm nervously waiting the results.

I think I did well.

But over the weekend I dwelt on all the things I could have said better. Or should I have said what I said the way I said it. Had a couple of questions not sure I should have asked all of them. Hoped they didn't interpreted them the wrong way.

I wrote a nice thank you note to the HR person. That only took three days to come up with. Finally got it done on Monday. In the end I thought it was pretty good. My dad said he thought people didn't do that any more. I said just trying to cover all the bases. Maybe that will tip the scale in my favor. Every little bit helps.

Keeping my fingers crossed.

Was so worked up about it yesterday that I had to get out of the house. Went to Sandy Point State Park. I'll have some pictures of that up later. Also a few more from the New Zealand trip.

I seem to get distracted easily with and from the job search. I'm trying to do better but it is a little hard.

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