Thursday, October 06, 2016

More New Zealand Memories

My wonderful host on my New Zealand Adventure

So it took just a little while to get to New Zealand. The thing that struck me was that my flight went to Tahiti. It was still over five hours from there to New Zealand.

A little from the posts I made. One on the food on the flight:
Dinner was:

Assorted canapes
Fresh car salad timbale
Main dish you could choose:
Lamb loin with macadamia crust and watercress sauce
Salmon teriyaki with orange and ginger sauce
Stuffed chicken breast and white wine sauce with mushrooms, shallots and bacon

side dishes were:
Basmati rice
Herb pumpkin
Steamed french beans

Next assorted cheeses
Then the dessert cart:
Mint chocolate frisson
apple butternut tart
mango mousse

Basked of fresh sliced fruits
Sherbet and petits fours

Served with cloth napkins and place mat

And this on the actual arrival:
Another flight and more food. A snack this time. I'm very glad for it because I'm staring not to feel so well. There are some pretzels and that helps settle my stomach. Later for breakfast a cheese omelette with hash browns and fresh fruit.

It's interesting that in Tahiti it's 7:30 am and in Auckland it's 6:30 am. The only thing is that in Auckland it's a day later.

Plane arrived on time. I got through customs in about an hour. The longest part to me was waiting for my luggage.

Art and Nigel were waiting for me and off we went.

Let me take a moment and say


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