Saturday, October 15, 2016

Memories from New Zealand — Sail New Zealand

I'm behind on sharing memories of New Zealand so I'll post some over the next few days. One of the really fun things was America's Cup Sail Auckland. You got to go on a cruise of the harbor on an actual America's cup boat. And you even got to help out steer the boat and grind the sails. It was great fun.


Arthur Schenck said...

That last photo is, of course, the underside of the Auckland Harbour Bridge. But—since I've never done that sort of sailing thing you did, and surely never will—the only reason I'd ever have seen it myself is because I once took the ferry to Birkenhead Wharf. Which means that anyone less adventurous than you COULD see the same basic site. But, there'd be nothing for a blog post if they did. 😆

Jason in DC said...

I wouldn't say it was all that adventurous. If you didn't want to do anything you just sat back and enjoyed the ride.