Friday, October 06, 2006

On the plane

Business class is oh so worth it. Of course I didn't pay for the ticket but the extra space is incredible. I can extend my legs all the way out I still don't reach the sit in front of me. I have to reach forward to reach the seat back pocket.

I got choice of beverages when I came on board. I choose water. Each seat had in it a pillow and blanket. The seat is powered. There are ten different buttons controlling the seat. One reclines it another raises it. There's also buttons that extend and contract the foot rest. There's a TV screen that is stowed in one of the arm rests. There also a remote control to work the TV if you want. There's a choice of seven different films along with music and even video games.

You also got a goody bag. Inside was socks, ear plugs, tooth brush, tooth paste, moisturising cream, a very nice assortment of items.

Dinner was:

Assorted canapes
Fresh car salad timbale
Main dish you could choose:
Lamb loin with macadamia crust and watercress sauce
Salmon teriyaki with orange and ginger sauce
Stuffed chicken breast and white wine sauce with mushrooms, shallots and bacon

side dishes were:
Basmati rice
Herb pumpkin
Steamed french beans

Next assorted cheeses
Then the dessert cart:
Mint chocolate frisson
apple butternut tart
mango mousse

Basked of fresh sliced fruits
Sherbet and petits fours

Served with cloth napkins and place mat

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