Friday, October 06, 2006


I'm in Tahiti actually at the airport. Not much different from other airports except there are no windows. Since I'm traveling business class I get to have access to the lounge. In there it is air conditioned. There's food to nibble on and just about any type of drink you'd want to find. Soft drinnks as well as beer, wine and hard liquor.

The airport is very busy for this time of night (midnight). Lots of people waiting in the lounge. There going to be going to Sydney and Auckland. Essentially it's like taking the red eye to either of those places that is of course if you've started in Tahiti as opposed to New York City.

The shops were open. The usually stuff to buy at an airport. It was interesting that they would take US dollars and give change in US dollars too.

This is the last stage. I didn't get much sleep on that last flight but hope to do better on this one.

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