Tuesday, March 14, 2017

A Little Snow, A Little Sleet and Some Freezing Rain Too

What a fun Tuesday this was. Snow, sleet and freezing rain over about a 12 hour period. It started as snow in the early evening of Monday. While I was watching TV I heard the sleet hit the windows. Not a good sign.

It continued to alternate between the the three for most of the night. It settled down to sleet in the morning as I headed out to work.

From the Post's Capital Weather Gang:
Snow, sleet and freezing rain began Monday evening and continued overnight. Snowfall totals reached 10 inches in Frederick County, 4 inches in northern Montgomery, 6.5 in Loudoun County and 3 inches in the Beltway. Temperatures have climbed above freezing and are expected to remain there through the rest of the afternoon, which should help in the clean-up process. There’s still quite a bit of slush out there, especially in the suburbs.

A brief burst of snow drifted through the region around 1:20 p.m., but has since vanished. That will probably be our last look at snow until next winter, though we may see some flurries this evening.
I usually don't hope for winter to end but I'm ready for it to be over. Ready for the cherry blossoms to out and spring to arrive. Which of course means baseball starts soon after.

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