Monday, April 30, 2018

Pups and Presidents Bring a Win for the Nats 3-1

It was pups in the park yesterday at Nationals' Park and that seem to do the trick because the Nats won. It's the first game I've been to this year that they've won. It was also a much needed win. The Nats have not been doing well this year.

Here's a little about the game from the Post:
Gio Gonzalez often gets a little frustrated after losses but is not the type to let animosity linger. So when he suggested his manager, Dave Martinez, took him out too soon when he removed him in the sixth inning in his previous start, the two talked it over. Both of them seemed just fine with where they left things, neither bullied into submission nor storming away misunderstood.

But on Sunday, with few fresh arms in the bullpen and a tight lead to preserve, Martinez left Gonzalez in to pitch the seventh inning. Gonzalez put two men on, sliding into the kind of mess that has so often consumed this team late.

Then, in what amounts to a total reversal of fortunes for the Nationals, he got out of it. Something went right. Brandon Kintzler and Sean Doolittle handled the eighth and ninth. Washington salvaged a 3-1 win from an otherwise damaging series against the Arizona Diamondbacks and moved back to four games under .500.

Mat Wieters heads for home

There was some luck involved in the win. Arizona's starting pitcher went out with an injury. Matt Wieters was at bat. He was able to hit a home run off the reliever. The Nats then loaded the bases. They got one run on an error. But the chance to blow the game wide open eluded them. This had been a problem the Nats have had all year. They've had people in scoring position but have failed to get them in.

Michael Taylor added another home run in the third. The Nats were able to out of a couple of jams and ended up winning the game.

Michael A. Taylor adds another run

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