Friday, April 06, 2018

The Home Opener of 2018

Not exactly the results you would hope for. The Nats were pretty flat for the whole game. There were some flashes mostly from Adam Eaton but then he got hurt.

This how the Post summed it up:
But by the end of the afternoon, after Stephen Strasburg’s laboring and Adam Eaton’s ominous early exit, after Trea Turner was ejected and Brandon Kintzler gave up a grand slam, a hush enveloped the 10-year-old ballpark. For the third straight day, the Nationals were humbled by a supposedly inferior National League East rival in an 8-2 loss against the New York Mets.

After beginning the season on a four-game winning streak, the Nationals are 4-3 a week into the season. The Mets, their presumed top divisional competition, improved to 5-1. The three-game losing streak was met with shrugs.

“I’d rather be playing good in October and September than in April, to be honest with you,” Eaton said. “We’ve played good in April, and we’ve seen how that ended.”

Still a new season is upon us. And it's only the first week.

Following are some pictures from opening day.

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