Monday, June 09, 2008

Back to the Air Conditioner

Putting the air conditioner in the window that went into the back room was a bad idea. The room got really hot and humid. I cooled down the room by turning on the air conditioner in that room. What happens when warm moist air cools down? Well at least I didn't have a thunder storm but there was plenty of moisture.

The air conditioner needed to be moved over to the other window. I was concerned that it have enough support so that it wouldn’t fall to the ground. I looked around for something to put on the outside window sill to support the unit. I found an extra brick that I used to edge the garden with.

I took it upstairs and tried it out. I thought it was too tall. Support is needed but the directions stress that the unit has to slant down in the back so the water will drain out of it. Off to Home Depot again. I thought I needed something about 3 inches tall and flat. I didn’t find anything that was completely and totally flat. I did find something that was 3 inches. I ended up buying three of them.

They of course ended up not working out. They were too wide. So I decided to try the brick I had. It turned out that it fit perfectly. In fact the air conditioner balanced on the brick without putting the window down on it.

The final project of the day was I had to rearrange my furniture in my bedroom. I had to move my bed out of the way because the air conditioner blew right on it. I’m going to have to do more work on it tonight.

And that was my Sunday.

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