Monday, June 09, 2008

Fun With Lug Nuts and other Tire Peripherals

The flat well it wasn’t actually a flat at this point in time. It was a slow leaker. If I’d pulled out the tack it would have gone flat in no time. The flat was on the driver’s side of the car. I decided that fixing it in the street was out of the question. The way things had been going I figured if I changed it in the street I’d be run over.

I pulled the car around back and put it in the drive way. I was pretty proud of myself because backing into the drive way is not very easy because there is very little space on either side of the gate. I was also pleased I didn’t scrape the car against the fence.

The car is now in the drive way. I then find the jack and spare tire. That wasn’t all that hard to do. I loosened the lug nuts. I didn’t have any problems with any of them. I then jack up the car. This took longer than I thought it would. I wasn’t too handy in using the jack. I got the lug nuts completely off. Next step take off the tire. I could not for the life of me get the damn tire off.

The problem was I just didn’t have enough leverage to move it. The space in back is so tight that I had the fence to my back and could reach out and touch the tire. Not enough room to have enough force to pull the tire off. I did rock the car and after I did that a couple of times decided not to push my luck. Put the car back down, put the lug nuts back on.

Next step find a place to fix the tire. I called a friend and he suggested going to Merchant Tire. I found a listing and called and asked if this was something they could fix. They said yes. Turns out the store is about 10 minutes from my house. Off I went.

It ended up that I got a new tire. The guy said he could not fix the leak. I wasn’t going to argue. He was able to get me in and out of the place in just an hour.

Back home and on to the next task.

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