Sunday, June 01, 2008

Fresh Country Stench

I discovered last night that I have ants in my kitchen and the back room. I was just about to start making dinner when I noticed the suckers crawling around.

I took out the garbage. I swept up all of the cat food that was on the floor. I vacuumed up the ants along with anything else on the kitchen floor and the back room. Then I used Raid ant and roach killer. It has a country fresh scent.

Stench is the only word that can describe this "scent." It is completely overwhelming. 18 plus hours since using it you can still smell it. Not just a little smell but an overpowering smell. It is not too bad in the kitchen anymore. The room off of it just reeks of this country fresh "scent." I thought about opening the window and door in the room but I don't want to spread the stench to the rest of the house.

I'm going to try and use some air freshener in the room but I'm not sure that that will do any good. I do one thing for sure I won't be using this can of Raid on anything in the house any time soon.

Country fresh scent my ass. Manure would smell better!

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