Monday, December 22, 2008


I woke up this morning and it was a balmy 2 degrees above zero. I feel like I'm in Chicago instead of Springfield, MO. It is supposed to slowly moderate over the course of the week. By tomorrow things should be back to a more normal temperature.

I'm all confused as to what day of the week. Saturday seemed to last forever. Oh yeah that's right that's because it did last for forever. I got up at three and didn't get to sleep until after 11 eastern time. So yesterday, Sunday, seemed like Monday. But today is really Monday. This is making my head hurt.

Anyway . . . Had a very nice day yesterday, Sunday. My dad and I got up early and did a little shopping. I only brought three pairs of socks. I'd done a wash right before I started packing. So I was putting clothes away while I was packing. I counted out the necessary number of socks I would need for the trip and put them in a pile. I was doing other things as well to get ready to go. I had to go downstairs for something. When I came back up, I put the pile of socks that were supposed to be packed into a dresser drawer. Thankfully I did pack a couple of pairs of socks. My dasd and I tried a couple of places but no luck. They were a drug store and a super market. But more importantly we picked up the necessary ingredients for me to make chocolate chip cookies. We were unsure if my dad had any vanilla so we bought some. My dad now has enough vanilla to last until something into the next century. We got home and I made cookies.

After that we went to a local restaurant called Aunt Martha's. I had pancakes. They were great! Then it was an afternoon of football. At the half time of one of the games Ed and I dashed back to my dad's and got the cookies. Later in the evening we had a fantastic spaghetti dinner that Ed and Jennifer made. Then it was more football. It was a nice relaxing day after that very long travel day.

In a little while we are off to go gambling. Somehow this had become a new family tradition helping to support Native Americans by going gambling. This all started when we went on a trip out to Washington state and my dad and I stopped at a casino. We had a blast. So on most trips we stop by for a spin of the slot machine and see how we do. Our best win was when we went to West Virginia a couple of years ago.

After that Ed and I are going to a computer store. I'm trying to help him figure out the best way to upgrade his computer set up. I'm thinking he doesn't need a new computer just some ad ons to his current lap top. I think more memory and an external monitor. Also an external hard drive. Staples and Best Buy have a terabyte drive for like $129. You can't pass that up. I found one online that was even less. I have to decide if I want to wait until I got home to get one or buy it here.

Hopefully this afternoon the temperature will get into double digits. That's going to feel like a heat wave!!!!


Arthur Schenck said...

Glad you're having a good time—please say "hi"to everyone for me!

Jason in DC said...

Will do. Did the ornament arrive? Hope all is well in the other land down under.