Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Sinus, Sinus, Sinus

Or Phlegm, Phlegm, Phlegm or

Well you get the idea. That's what I'm having. I'm post nasal drip all over the place. I coughed most of Monday night.

My cold-sinus has now dripped into my chest thus the reason for coughing so much.

And all sorts of fun colored stuff is coming out of my sinus passages and up from my chest.

Who knew there could be sooooo much stuff up there. They should invent something that you can put up your nose and suck all that stuff out of there. Something like the suction thing the dentist uses only one that actually works. (Have you ever gone to the dentist and had one of those things work the way it is supposed to?)

I hope by the new year to be completely drained. I also hoping to have some good weather so maybe I could ride my bike some. But most of all I hope my head stops feeling it is the size of my living room.

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