Monday, June 01, 2009

Chad Gerlach

Here are pictures of Chad Gerlach. He didn't win the race but he lead for a great deal of the time. In fact he came within 12 seconds of lapping the other riders. I think he ended up being in 6th but he was in it up until the end. As he said I just wanted to get out and race which is exactly what he did. He won some premium prizes that they offer to riders who win certain laps. He also won most aggressive cyclist. No doubt he deserved that.

He has an amazing story:

After the tragic murder of his best friend and the folding of his team in 2003, Chad fell into a 'homeless, vagabond lifestyle' as he describes it. Thus began a five year period in the Wilderness for Gerlach. It ended with a trip to rehab (following his appearance on the A&E television show, Intervention) and now the opportunity to race for the Amore e Vita team in 2009. PEZ was more than excited at the opportunity to talk to Chad and find out what really happened and what he hopes for this year and beyond.

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Anonymous said...

you should have seen Gerlach race at Nevada city last month, he took 5th against the likes of lance armstrong, levi leipheimer and chris horner, on one of the toughest course in america. He did this the day after winning a tough 3 day race in reno