Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Dumbfounded by the DMV

Dumbfounded. Yes, that's exactly the term to use but not dumbfounded in the way you might think.

I had to get my car inspected before I could renew my registration and get my parking sticker. I went down to the inspection station last Tuesday. The car passed with no problems. in fact driving to and from the inspection station took longer than the actual inspection.

On Thursday. I went to their web site so I could pay for everything and order my parking sticker. Something I thought that was very smart is I was given a temporary registration for the car and a temporary parking permit. This was just in case I didn't receive the permanent ones before they expired on June 28.

I figured no matter what I was set.

Now comes the dumbfounded part. In the mail on Saturday, there was an envelope from the district government. I thought what could this be. Well it was my registration and parking sticker. I got them in two days. Two days!!!

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