Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Zipper Redux

Can you believe it?

But I guess when it comes to the party of family values, it’s old hat. Yet again another Republican politician who can’t keep his zipper zipped. The Ensign story seems tame in comparison although there are plenty of additional questions to be asked about that one.

But I think it was best summed up this way [and this was before the affair was revealed from CNN]

Earlier Wednesday, South Carolina Democratic Party Chair Carol Fowler said in a statement it was the “height of irresponsibility for the governor to walk out on his solemn duty to the people of South Carolina.

“When it comes to the real needs and concerns of South Carolinians, Mark Sanford has been pretty much missing in action for the last six-and-a-half years. But it is not acceptable for him to be actually missing.

“However, as disturbing as it is to walk out on your responsibilities without telling anyone, what’s more troubling is that the governor and his staff have been less than truthful about his whereabouts,” the statement said.

This from the Washington Post:

This is not the end of the story. The problem for Sanford is that he appears to have willfully misled his staff, the lieutenant governor and the people of the state about his whereabouts -- signaling that he was likely headed to the Appalachian Trail before hopping on a flight to Argentina. There will almost certainly be some sort of investigation into whether Sanford misused state funds on this trip -- remember that he took a state-owned vehicle and parked it at the Columbia airport -- that will keep this wound raw for the foreseeable future.

I guess it can only be summed up that the Republicans really do seem to be a party of hypocrites. There’ve been comments that Democrats have had affairs Clinton being the person always cited. Or there is the track of this is between the politician and his wife.

Except for a couple of things. Republicans love to look down their noses at Democrats and just about anyone else and talk about their moral values. How they are better than everyone else. They are also the party that is conducting the fight against gay-marriage by saying marriage is a sacred institution and must be protected. So the level of hypocrisy is running very very high. So these politicians deserve everything that comes there way [pun intended].

Before they talk about any sort of values they need to figure out how to keep their zippers' zipped.

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