Monday, June 08, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

That's where we went on Friday for my birthday.

The professional weather guessers said that by Friday afternoon all the rain we'd been having would be out the area. Unfortunately that didn't happen until Friday evening.

The original group was going to be around seven. But as the day progresses it got smaller and smaller. I really can't say I blame people who wants to sit and watch a game in the rain.

Lisa and I went down early and went to Artomatic: as their site says:

Held regularly since 1999, Artomatic is the Washington, D.C., area's one-of-a-kind multimedia event, involving hundreds of regional artists, performers and volunteers. The free event is an arts extravaganza, featuring paintings, sculpture, photography, music, theater, poetry, dance and workshops.

There's something like nine floors of exhibits. We walked through about 3 floors. Some of the works were very good and others well let's just say art is in the eye of the beholder.

Around 6 we headed off to the park. We met up with Andy and Lis and went in. The only thing I had to buy was my cracker jack. My ticket in and dinner were provided for by my friends.

The game itself was pretty close. It went into extra innings but in the end the Nationals were unable to clinch the deal. They ended up loosing to the Mets 3-1. And speaking of the Mets it seemed more like we were in New York then in DC. I'd say there were about the same number of Mets fans as Nationals fans.

It started to mist and then around 8pm for about half an hour the rain was enough that we left our seats. But after about half an hour it stopped. We didn't go back to our original seats (which were not bad at all we were just almost directly behind home plate). We found some very nice seats along the third base line where we watched the rest of the game.

About 10 minutes after the game were the fireworks. And I have to say we were all very impressed by them. They went on for a good ten minutes. It was a great way to end a very enjoyable evening.

And a great way to spend my birthday!

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