Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Iron Man at an IMAX

A friend and I went and saw Iron Man 2 over the weekend. I suggested that we go see it at an IMAX theater just to see what it was like. I suggested the one near my friends house at Tyson’s Corner. My friend heard that a better IMAX theater was the AMC theater the Hoffman 22. He was told this by one of the people at the dog park he goes to.

We decided to go to the 12:30 show on Sunday. We didn’t have too much trouble finding the theater. I will say it really wasn’t like a theater complex you’d normally find. It was in among office buildings and apartments. It was right across the street from the Metro which I’m sure is good for business. There were also a number of restaurants around the theater too. But again from the road they really didn’t stand out all that well.

It costs $15 for the IMAX. The first thing I did when I sat down in the theater was turn to my friend and say I thought the screen would be bigger. Now that’s not to say it wasn’t a big screen because it was. But I’m used to the IMAX at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum which is probably twice the size of this screen.

The lights dim and the previews start. It was interesting that there was an announcement posted on screen saying that this weren’t IMAX previews. We then got to see four previews. Then along came the IMAX previews. I have to say I couldn’t tell all the much difference. What I did notice was the fact that we got to sit through at least 20 minutes of trailers. Twenty minutes of not very interesting trails. The new Tron. Yeah really interested in that one. There was one for Toy Story 3 which looked a little interesting.

Finally along comes Iron Man 2.

I liked the movie but not as much as the first one. There wasn’t enough of Stark’s whit directed against people. I will say that the relationship between Downey and Paltrow is really great. They are wonderful on the screen together. When the action gets going it really gets going. That was very well done. I think if there’d been one fewer plot line it would have been a better movie. Also as my friend said the villain wasn’t enough of a villain. One more thing to add remember to stay through the credits because there is something you need to see at the very end.

As we walked out of the movie we both agreed that there was no real reason to see the movie in what AMC called "IMAX" because it really didn't add all that much to the experience.

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