Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Primaries, Primaries, Primaries

Oh, the Democrats are in deep deep trouble come fall. That is for sure what the results to the primaries mean. At least that’s according to Republicans. Well you know those Tea Party people elected Rand Paul and you know how weird they are. So the Republicans need to watch out come fall. That is of course according to the Democrats. Here's a story from the Post on the results.

Actually I’d say both parties need to be concerned. Are the Democrats in deeper trouble? Of course they are. They are after all the party in power. And if the voters are in a mood to throw the bums out well there are more Democrats than Republicans.

Republicans need to take a long look at the results too. The sitting senator in Utah, Bob Bennett lost. The endorsed candidate of the Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell lost to Rand Paul. That loss has to weaken the Senator and should make established Republicans begin to think exactly what the Tea Party is doing to the Republican Party.

But harbinger for things in the fall? The best you can say to that is maybe.

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