Thursday, May 27, 2010

My Trip to New York Begins

Went up to New York on Megabus again. $31.50 round trip. You can't beat that.

I left on the 7:15 Wednesday bus. There was construction on the way up and that slowed us down. We ended up being about an hour late. I'd looked at ways to use the subway to get to the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But nothing was very direct. I decided it was a nice day so why not walk. After all from Madison Square Gardens to the Met it's only like 50 blocks. I stopped by Times Square where I took the first couple of pictures. This was some sort of event promoting eye health.

I walked by the hotel where I was going to stay (another change from last time staying over night). It couldn't have been more centrally located. I stumbled across a Pret that wonderful food place I first discovered when I was in London. I grabbed lunch and continued on my way up to the Met. I walked along 5th Avenue and shortly came upon Central Park.

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