Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Little from NYC and DC

I have a few more posts to go with my trip to NYC. I need to talk a little more about the musical Bare.

But I also had a really interesting event that I went to on Monday night. Yes the night I got back. I went to the Kalb report where they had the moderators for the debates from last year. I would have posted last night but I did a podcast with Arthur which should be posted soon. So I've been a busy boy lately.

I hope to play catch up today and tomorrow.

But I'll leave with this picture.

There's a new trend in and around Times Square. People dress up in characters and run around trying to have to take there pictures. When you do the characters then ask for a donation. There are all sorts of characters: Batman, Spiderman, Captain America, Cookie Monster, Woodie, Hello Kitty and then of course there are the Disney characters. There are more than a few Minnies and Mickey Mouses (or should that be mice).

Anyway toward the end of the trip as we were making our way back to the bus we saw this Mickey. I  wish the picture was just a little clearer.

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Ed Peaco said...

Great report. Too bad Crowley couldn't make it. Would have been interesting to hear about the moment when she corrected Romney about when the White House acknowledged the Benghazi attack was an terrorist raid, not a protest over the sick video. As much as I enjoyed that debate moment, I think Romney was more right than Crowley on this issue.