Sunday, January 20, 2013

Staying in for the Inauguration

I decided last week that I wasn't going to go to the inauguration this year. Then I picked up the bug that everyone in the office was passing around and that more less decided for me.

It is also going to be another cold one. I just decided to stay in watch on my couch with Linus and Charlie. After all it will be there first inaugural and they might need someone to explain it to them. It also means I can sleep late, keep warm and eat when I want to. Also finding a bathroom won't be all that much of a problem either. Also next Sunday I'm going to New York so I want to be all well and rested up for that trip.

This time around there won't be as many people. This is line with most other second inaugurals. There are always fewer people. I was at a party last week and several of the people I talked to who'd gone last time were going to stay home this time. It still sounds like the crowds will be huge but most likely about half of what they were last time.

There is also fewer vendors out selling things. In fact I saw very few on the street this week selling buttons and t-shirts and other inaugural items. The picture below shows what four years ago was like.

There was an inaugural store not far from office. I went down to take a look at around lunch time on Friday. It was busy but I thought there would be a line out the door.

I guess the excitement and expectations are down from where they were four years ago. But then again it would be hard to match that level of optimism and hope. A great deal has happened in those four years. Obama has accomplished many things. And many things he tried to do have been blocked by the Republicans simply because they were things Obama proposed.

More on that in another post.

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