Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bare Off Broadway

The show we saw was Bare. Here’s the basic story line:

Set at a co-ed Catholic boarding school, Bare tells the story of Peter, an awkward outcast who is having a secret affair with Jason, one of the most popular guys in school. While Peter is dying to make the relationship public, Jason is too concerned about his reputation. When Jason is propositioned by Ivy, a new student with a troubled past, he tries to ignore her advances. But as a series of slip-ups causes his classmates to get suspicious, Jason convinces himself to sleep with Ivy. As the impassioned love triangle spirals out of control, Jason is forced to face who he really is—even if his parents, classmates and teachers refuse to accept him.

We both really enjoyed the show. The two main characters were very good. And the jock character, Jason played by the way by Jason Hite, was a particular stand out. As his world started to fall apart you not only got that from the tone of his voice but from his body language as well. He couldn’t keep still which added to the sense of his inability to handle what was happening to him.

Not the happiest of endings but a very good show. Glad we saw it because it is closing this Sunday. Here are a couple of clips from the show.

And a few pictures of the cast.

Jason Hite who plays Jason

Jason Hite signing for Christian.

This is Elizabeth Judd who plays Ivy.

This is Alex Wyse who plays Alan.

I also read the bio on Jason Hite and it talked about a band he’s in called 5J Barrow. I went to the site and liked the songs. So I downloaded it. You can sample their music by following this link.

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