Thursday, January 03, 2013

Planning a Trip to New York City

I'm planning another trip to New York City. I will be going up March 6 and as usual coming back the next morning March 7. I will be traveling on Megabus.

I'm going to be seeing my two favorite shows Phantom of the Opera and Mamma Mia. I got great deals on both tickets because of an offer from I saved about $50 per ticket. Not bad. I got those tickets in December.

I then went to the Megabus site to get my bus ticket. Well they weren't selling any tickets for March. I kept checking back and yesterday they finally started selling tickets for days in March. I went on the site and put in my dates and times. Turns out the cost of the my trip to New York round trip is $2.50. That's not one way that's the cost of the round trip ticket.

I love Megabus!

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