Monday, July 22, 2013

Wither the Nationals?

At the start of the season it was World Series or bust. It now is looking more and more like a bust of a season. For a team that looked so incredible on paper well looks incredible on paper. On the field it is anything but. There have been more "turn around" moments to this season I've lost count of them.

The last game I went to was on July 4th. Wilson Ramos was back in the line up. He hit a three run home run. The line up was back to where it was supposed to be. This was going to be the start of the run. Since that game the Nationals have gone 5-8. They now sit 2 games under 500, 7 games out of first and in third place.

Nothing seems to be working in their favor. This past series with the Dodgers illustrates that point. The Nationals had two dazzling starts from their pictures on Friday and Saturday and lost both games. In those two games they had 21 runners in scoring position but only 2 crossed the plate. They loaded the bases twice in one game and came up with no runs at all. Sunday Jordan Zimmermann just got hammered in the second inning. That can happen from time to time. The response from the rest of the team was 3 hits. Two were home runs so at least the game wasn't a shut out.

It is painful to go to these games because you know what the talent on the field can do. It's time they start showing that talent now. Or the struggle will not be for the World Series but to see if they can be above 500 by the end of the season.

Zimmermann on the mound on Sunday.

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