Thursday, November 14, 2013

An Apology from Metro

Well who would have believed this would have ever happened. An apology from Metro on the horrible "service" this last week.

Here's a little of said apology:

I know that the rail service provided in the last week has been bad for Red Line riders.  Delays for customers have been unacceptably long, inconvenient and frustrating. Today I spent several hours with senior leaders of the rail operating and maintenance team to get a full understanding of what went wrong and what we must do better.

Unacceptably long is an under statement. You can also add the ridiculous scheduling during the Veteran's Day holiday to that list as well.

This from an article in the Post:
Red Line riders said the problems on Wednesday and Thursday problems came on top of complaints about service on Monday. Anticipating that there would be fewer commuters because of the Veterans Day holiday, Metro reduced the number of trains. The result, some riders said, were packed trains, crowded platforms and longer commutes for those who were working. Orange Line riders had similar complaints.

A little more from the apology:
While communications have improved, we are taking further steps to enhance onboard announcements that will culminate with new technology on the new rail cars arriving next year.
Here's the problem I have with that. I have heard this same song for literally decades. We're going to do a better job communicating with the riders. The problem is they've never been able to do this. It seems to be beyond their understanding that when something like this happens they need to communicate with the rider what is going on. And time and time again they fail miserably at this.

 Next year something similar will happen and we'll hear the same excuses and promises. And the time after that and the time after that. I don't see it ever changing.

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