Monday, November 11, 2013

Another Fail By Metro

I knew there would be a modified schedule due to the Veterans' Day Holiday. I just didn't realize how screwed up it would be.

Once again some sort of track problem. This would be the third time in four days. You know you're in for a long commute when there isn't a train listed on the next train sign. And three trains service the platform going in the other direction. 

After about 20 minutes a train showed up. Only problem it is only going as far as Farragut North. 

And that means when a train finally does show up it will be completely filled. 

Wow Metro you sure know how to screw people over. But then again the goal of Metro seems to be to inconvenience as many people as often as possible without letting them know what's going on. 

If so you guys get an A+. 

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