Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Snow Finally Came and with Freezing Rain Too!

Pictures from last night as the snow starts.

The Post put it the best:

The biggest storm of the season dumped a thick snow blanket on the Washington area overnight, shutting down the federal government; local schools, courts and government offices; airports and Metro’s bus service.

From the Capital Weather Guys:
Most of us awaken to a winter wonderland or nightmare depending on your perspective. Parts of the area then goes into the classic “mix” mode fairly early in the morning through much of the day, while colder areas remain snow. Precipitation should be lighter by mid-to-late morning but snow could re-intensify into the afternoon and evening. Friday is back to quiet weather, but Friday night Valentine diners may encounter some snow showers coming home. The long weekend is drier but chilly temperatures make the melt down a slow process.

It started out very slowly. Flakes started to fall around 8 or so. It took it some time to stick. My first couple of pictures are from last night.

I awoke to the freezing rain. For awhile it sounded like glass was breaking. Then I finally figured out what was going on. It was sleet and freezing rain. Oh fun.

One amazing thing my paper got delivered this morning.

I just got in from shoveling. The snow was heavy and wet because of course it's now raining. I guess later in the day it is supposed to go back to snow.

And now I'm having pancakes.

The paper made it. Amazing

The front step snow test. Just about 7 inches

Linus watching me shoveling.

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