Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Treat before the Next Storm Arrives

Seems that there is yet again another chance of some sort of winter storm heading DC's way.

Here's what the Post's Capital Weather Gang have to say about it:
A strong Nor’easter is expected to develop along the coast Wednesday night into Thursday bringing the possibility of significant snowfall to the area.  However, especially close to the I-95 corridor and points east, temperatures may warm enough for snow to change to mixed precipitation and rain.

At this point I'd like to get a foot and a half of snow and then have winter be over. This is the winter of a thousand cuts. Some snow, some rain, some freezing rain, some sleet back to snow and freezing rain and  . . .

So here's something to bring a smile to your face. Charlie Brown and his thoughts on eating his lunch alone and who doesn't hate eating their lunch by themselves.

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