Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Of Rain Delays and Bobbled Plays

I didn’t stay on Monday night. I didn’t see the end of the game which I’m a little sorry about. But you never really know what is going to happen with a rain delay. Mark stayed until around 9:30. I waited another half hour and decided to call it a night. It was very cool that it was decided to show the Wizards’ game on the jumbotron. After they had won most people started heading for the exits.

I thought about staying. I wasn’t concerned about how late of a night it would be. I figured I could get home one way or another. In all likelihood the Metro would have been long closed. But I figured I could find a taxi some how even if I had to walk for awhile. There are a couple of hotels near the park and figure you could find a cab there.

My main concern was what to do about getting food and something to drink. As I was leaving everything started closing down. In fact most places on the 200 level were closed when I left. A few of the food places on the 100 level were still open. But here’s the thing most of them were serving hot food. I was not that hungry at the time but in a couple of hours say around midnight I figured I would probably be (it turned out the game lasted until around 1:30) hungry. The idea of cold chicken tenders and fries really did not appeal all that to me. So I decided to head home.

I ended up being the last person in the section when I left. Two guys who were behind me discussed if they were going to stay or not. They said think of all the foul balls you could get. You might even end up on Sports Center.  Well it turns out those guys stayed until the end of the game. I know this because when I got home I turned on the TV to see if they’d started playing again. It was about 11:30. The announcer said in about ten minutes they would start to play again. I decided to stay up and watch a little of the game. The Nats were up first. I don’t remember who was at bat first but they hit a foul ball into the crowd. As the crowd was shown I thought I spotted the two guys from my section. In the replay sure enough it was them. I don’t know if they ever got a foul ball.

It would have been fun to stay for the rest of the game. It looked liked they moved everyone down into the lower level. The announcers said the Nats fans were behind the Nats dugout all in red and the Dodger fans were behind their dugout all in blue. I guess there was some chanting back and forth between the two groups. The story in the Post talked about how the players could hear what people were saying. From the Post:

Around 50 blue-clad fans gathered behind the visitor’s dugout, and another 150 or so clustered behind the Washington Nationals’ side. Both groups cheered every pitch. Players could hear not only hecklers, but also polite, private conversations. When a reliever threw a warm up pitch in the bullpen, the snapping leather echoed throughout Nationals Park.

If there is ever a situation like that again I’m going to stay until they make a decision one way or the other.

On to the bobbled plays. I talked about this in an early post. The errors contributed once again to the Nats loosing last night. Two more errors last night. It means the Nats have committed 29 errors in 33 games. That puts the Nats 27th out of 30 teams in number of errors. A little bit better but not much. But they are still in first when it comes to unearned runs at 26. The ERA average has gotten better. It’s now at 3.06 which is 4th (last time I checked it was 3.64). Batting average they are 12th at .258 (this has hardly moved last time .255 but overall 5 spots lower).
Me all alone in my section before I headed home.

The Metro car I was on for the ride home.

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