Sunday, October 05, 2014

Just One and the Nats Would Have Won

The towels were out early. Who knew the game wouldn't end for another six plus hours

Yes, it's that easy to analyze the game last night. Just one. Just one more. You can decide which just one it was.

Just one and the series would be tied going out to San Francisco instead of 0-2. But the Nats didn't get that one. And there was more than one way to get that one.

Just one more hit with a man in scoring position anytime during the game would have made the difference. Once going into extra innings there were several chances of just one most notable in the 12th. From the Post:
After Desmond walked to lead off the 12th, Harper followed with a loud fly ball to center field. Had he done it again, a walk-off blast on the heels of Friday’s moonshot? Judging by the collective roar from the Nationals Park crowd as the ball left Harper’s bat, there was a moment when it seemed possible that he had. Gregor Blanco settled under the ball, but Desmond wisely tagged up and represented the winning run on second base with one out. Alas, Ramos struck out and Danny Espinosa lined out to end the inning.

Just one in the above situation. Just one long fly ball. Followed by just one single. And the Nats would have won the game. Again just one.

(Just as in Friday's loss. Just one hit with the bases loaded would have made it a much different ball game. Just one.)

Just one of those long fly balls going just a little further and the game would have been over. Harper did it; Werth did it; LaRoche did it. Just one would have been enough. Just one.

Just one more out in the top of the 9th and game would have been over. Just one.

Many opportunities for the Nats to win.

But all they needed was just one. Just one to win.

So tomorrow night the Nats need to look at getting just one win and building from there.

Just one.

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