Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Oh My Aching Back

And is it ever aching.

The reason is too many baseball games.

Well more like sitting through too many baseball games.

And having two training sessions each week with a personal trainer.

It finally caught up to me.

I think the 18 inning nearly 7 hour game is what did me in. I’m also a person that once I’m in my seat I stay in my seat for most of the game. I might get up and get some ice cream but otherwise I’m there to watch the game.

And the seats well they are not the most comfortable seats in the world and probably not very good for the lower back which is where most of the pain is. I also have a tendency to lean forward at my desk at work which certainly isn’t helping matters any.

I went to the doctor last Tuesday. He said to take Ibuprofen and use my heating pad. I stayed home from work on Wednesday. I then remembered that the Turkey Thicket rec center had a spa so I went down and soaked in that and boy did that feel good. Didn't do any thing on Saturday and thought that I was on the road to recovery.

But on Sunday I had a terrible spasm in my lower back. I couldn't get comfortable sitting down for like the next three hours. Also had a terrible time trying to get to sleep. Took my second long shower of the day and finally I could feel the muscles in my back relax. Finally got to sleep around 2 or so.

The doctor gave me a number for physical therapy. I called on Monday but they must have been closed because of the holiday. I'm going to call them back today and try and get an appointment. Slowly very slowly the back is getting better but I figure I'm going to go to the therapy guys so they can tell me what I can do to help this get better and maybe prevent it in the future.

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