Saturday, July 04, 2015

Nationals Beat the Giants 2-1

A pictures duel last night at Nationals' Park between Gio Gonzalez and Jake Peavy. And one inning that made all the difference in the game.

That was the seventh inning when all the scoring for the game was done. Gio had pitched really well. But in the seventh one bad pitch to Buster Posey and the Giants were on the board:
But in the seventh, three at-bats changed the game. Gonzalez fired a low first-pitch fastball to Buster Posey. It wasn’t a bad pitch, but Posey smashed the ball over the center field fence for his 14th home run of the season to give the Giants a 1-0 lead.
Shades of last October and the 17 inning game that the Nats lost by a run.

But then along came the bottom of the inning. Once again one pitch made all the difference. One pitch and a walk. The walk was to Bryce Harper:
Peavy wanted little to do with Harper the first two times he faced him, walking him both times (once intentionally). In his third plate appearance, Peavy attacked Harper with the bases empty. But Harper drew a tough walk, holding off on a close 3-2 pitch. 
Up next came Clint Robinson and one pitch once again changed the game. Robinson hit a home run. And just like the Nats had the lead. (Early in the game Gio came within a few feet of having his own home run. It was even reviewed by the umpires but it was ruled a foul ball.)

Matt Thornton pitched the 8th inning with no problems and then Drew Storen came in for the close.

It was great to beat the Giants. Does it make up for last October? Not really. But it is good to beat a team like the Giants. It's very possible come this October the Nats will be facing them again.

Congratulations all around for the win.

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