Sunday, March 20, 2016

The Blossoms Are Coming

The blossoms are coming. That might be hard to believe with the cold and damp weather in DC the last few days. But, once the sun comes out and the temperature rises, the blossoms will be out.

Part playing tourist with my friend was walking around the Tidal Basin. The first forecast for when the blossoms would be out was the end of March into April. Then it got changed to March 17-23. They it got pushed back a week because of the cold weather. Peak bloom will probably get pushed back again because of this cold snap.

So the blossoms were just starting to come and the ones that were out were spectacular. The weather could not have been better. Low 60s with the sun out. There was a little wind which increased as we walked around.

Here are a few pictures. As always with cherry blossoms, there be more post to come along with the other things we saw on Friday when we played tourist.

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