Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Gum Graft Time

One of the reasons that I continue to be behind in posting to the blog. I had a gum graft on Monday. I had three of my teeth done. Thankfully there were all in one spot. Not so thankfully the antibiotic I'm taking is doing numbers on my stomach. I think I'm calling the dentist today to see if I can get switched to something else.

The reason for doing the grafts is that my insurance coverage is coming to and end because my job came to an end. I figured I have the insurance until the end of the month so I might as well use it. Who knows when I'll have dental insurance again (I did not get it on the DC Health Exchange just went for basic medical).

The insurance is going to cover a large part of the cost. I got the procedure pre-approved so there would be no surprises.

So here's to better gums.

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