Thursday, July 14, 2016

The Baseball Request for Jack 90th Birthday

I wanted to do something special and little out of the ordinary for my dad's 90th birthday. I thought what does he really like to do. Well he loves to watch baseball.

So I thought I'd write to all of the major league teams and ask if they could send something to him for his birthday. I had no idea if any team would respond let alone send anything. I also had no idea how long it would take for teams to respond and, if they said yes, how long it would take them to send it.

I started early toward the end of April. I of course started with the Nationals. They responded by saying they would love to send something to my dad. Just send along his address. In a couple of weeks he got something from them. Thus started my quest to get teams to send him something.

In all I think 18 or 19 teams sent something. What was sent ranged from decals and schedules to year books to caps to key chains to bobbleheads to blankets to dirt from Fenway Park. In all just a great collection of items.

And what made it great was that things arrived up until his birthday. Sometimes Jack would call me up at work to say what he had received that day. Or I would talk to him and he would say nothing had come that day.

Everyone I talked to about this thought it was a great idea. It came off even better than I'd hoped.

Here are a few pictures of what he got.

A big haul from the Dodgers

The Dodger bobblehead

From the Indiana and Nationals

A nice cap and button from the A's

Arizona fan pack

A letter from St. Louis

One of the few football teams I wrote to, Kansas City, and stuff from the Pirates

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