Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Icebergs at the National Building Museum

I decided to go and see this exhibit at the National Building Museum today. Turns out they have Ward days where people who live in Wards in DC can get in for free. Turned out it was Ward 5 day and I got in for free.

Here's more on Icebergs:
Visit ICEBERGS in the Museum's Great Hall. Designed by James Corner Field Operations, the installation opens as part of the annual Summer Block Party series, July 2 - September 5.
Visitors will:
  • Explore a fantastical glacial sea designed by landscape architects
  • Ascend to a viewing area inside the tallest berg
  • Traverse an undersea bridge or slide down an ice chute
  • Try Japanese kakigori shaved ice provided by the restaurant Daikaya
  • Learn about how design can transform spaces and lives
ICEBERGS is built from re-usable construction materials, such as scaffolding and polycarbonate paneling. The 20' high "water line" allows panoramic views from high above the ocean surface and down below among the towering bergs. The tallest “bergy bit,” at 56', reaches to the third story balcony of the Museum.
It was really a great exhibit. I enjoyed the slide (even though I didn't go down it) and the iceberg "pillows" at the end of the exhibit.

A very enjoyable part of a big museum day for me.

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