Monday, July 04, 2016

Star Wars™ And The Power Of Costume The Exhibition

Here's a good description of what we saw:
Star Wars has shaped public imagination like no other movie franchise. Here you see more than 70 costumes that made the film great, and gain an insight into their design process. A fascinating show for geek and generalist alike.

This exhibition shows the actual costumes worn in the Star Wars films and the curators have more than done their homework to make this fun for everybody. Storm troopers jostle with droids, Naboo delegations parade beside officers from the original Evil Empire. There is a moving simplicity to seeing costumes stripped of people and the exhibition shows how our impressions of the film have been shaped by costume as much as actor.

The exhibition designers have made it refreshingly simple to enjoy. Movie quotes swirl around the display cases, and touch screens show early sketches. So you can see how Elizabethan gowns fused with African headdresses create the ceremonial costumes of the Naboo. You also see how the Rebel Alliance were dressed in orange to mimic 1950s astronauts, and Imperial officers - of course - were dressed like Nazis.

In fact, every aspect of the Star Wars universe has been thoroughly thought through and designed. With epic storytelling, iconic characters and cool flourishes it has captivated the popular imagination. This exhibition will prove that costumes have had an important role in that.

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