Sunday, January 22, 2017

Getting Down to the March

The crowd inside Union Station

I went back and forth on when I should leave for the march.

Did I want to get there really early? Did I want to get close to the stage?

The program for the march was supposed to start at 10. I decided I would leave around 8. Take Metro to Union Station and walk the rest of the way to where the stage was which was at Independence and Third Street.

There was a larger than normal crowd on the station platform. The train that pulled in was pretty full but not crowded. More people got on at the NOMA stop. When it got to Union Station well there all sorts of people waiting to get on.

The train filled up with people. As I was heading out there was a steady stream of people coming into the system. Union station was filled with people every where you looked. Most of them were large groups. They could have come in by bus, MARC train or Amtrak. No matter how they got to Union Station there were a lot of people there.

The same was once you got out of the station.

Everyone was heading down to the main stage. As we got closer we were told we would have to go to 4th Street and then get on Independence and head to the stage.

I sort of snuck around that and went down 3rd Street to the main stage area..

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