Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Odds and Ends

Retaining Walls

A little more on the retaining walls. So three out of the four are done. What is still to come is the railings on top of them. The problem with that is there doesn’t seem to be any slot in the brick on the top of the wall to anchor the railing. Maybe that’s something the railing people will do.

But it does seem to me that maybe there should have been some coordination between the two of them. And then I remember who I’m dealing with. I have to be thankful after all this time they’re actually done. They also look really good.

Visiting the Dermatologist

I had my six month check of my spots a little over a week ago. There was a spot on my back that the doctor thought looked a little funny. I have similar fun things on my skin and it looked like them but was just different enough to have a look at.

So he removed it. Put a band aid on it. I got the usual instructions on making sure not to get it wet for at least 12 hours. After that I needed to keep it moist by putting Neosporin or Vaseline on it. Then covering it with another band aid. I would need to do that for about one to two weeks.

I was going to do it the next before but was too tired I just went to bed. I get up the next morning and took a look at the spot. It was on my back and in a spot I could barely reach. Putting anything on it would be hard enough. Covering it with some sort of bandage was out of the question.

I’d planned to go see movie but wasn’t sure would make it in time. I called my dad. He dealt with putting lotion on his back to help with all the itchy skin. I told him I could just reach the corner of the band aid. I was able to pull it off. I asked now what.

He suggested putting the Vaseline on the end of a pencil and apply it that way. I tried putting it on my finger tips. With a mirror and with my back to the bathroom mirror I was just able to reach the spot. I always have trouble in doing anything with mirrors like this. I always move in the wrong direction.

I got to the movie on time. It was La La Land really good.

When I got home I had to figure out a better way to get the Vaseline on my back. Also the Vaseline I had was in a tub and not all that easy to rub in. I got a new container of Vaseline. I then figure out the best thing to use to apply the Vaseline was a spatula. And I’ve been using it every since.

The thing don’t you think some one at the dermatologist’s office would have said this is in a tough spot you might need someone to help you out with this.

I just hope that the spot is fine. If anything else has to be done to it, I will have to have someone help me out.

Jury Duty

I lucked out on this one. I had been called for Petit Jury Duty for two weeks. It was to start January 27 and run through February 10. Those dates just so happen to be when one of the projects I was hired for would be in full production.

I was less than pleased. In fact I was furious. Two week. Two weeks. You had to call in the night before (after 5pm) to see if you had to report the next day.

I called last Thursday and was told I did not need to report. I was further told that the quota of jurors had been reached for this session. It was possible that I would be resummoned in the future. Sounds very royal or imperial to me.

A couple of quick points. I’m just me so adjusting what I have to do is pretty easy. I just let work know about the possibility of having jury duty. But if you have any sort of a family like kids you have to deal with how does this work.  Because it was possible that you would have to show up at 8 each morning.

If you normally picked up the kids say from after care you might not be able to do it. Probably each day would end at 5 but that’s not a certainty. Maybe you’re lucky and the court house is near where your kids are. In most cases probably not.

So if I was a parent I would have had to have made arrangements for last Friday just in case I did have to serve. It’s not like you could figure anything out after 5 the day before. Now you might have been able to get by with figuring out the one day Friday. Thinking that if you didn’t have to go at all (like in my case) you’d only be out one day. But that’s kind of a stretch.

I think this is a huge imposition on people. How do you plan your life around such complete uncertainty.

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