Tuesday, January 24, 2017

More from the Women's March

Some of the bleacher. The glass building off to the right is the Newseum.

These pictures cover walking up 3rd Street and making the turn on to Constitution. The crowd built and built as the group I was in was joined by people who were walking up 4th Street. Then we were joined by the group walking up 5th and so on. Just more and more people joining.

Along the way some people stopped off at the bleachers that had been left up for the inaugural. It was a great place to rest. But it also afforded a great view of just how big the crowd was.

The long line of people in the distance are the marchers marching up 4th Street.

A closer view of the people on 4th Street.

Turning the corner on to Constitution

A view from the bleachers looking back at 3rd Street.

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