Monday, March 02, 2015

More of Our Wonderful Wintery Weather

I didn't realize until I headed out this morning just how much more freezing rain came down after I got home Sunday afternoon. I had to grab hold of the hand rails on my steps with both my hands and walk down the steps sideways. My steps were a sheet of ice. I was concerned I was going to end up on my ass.

I saw that if I could get to the sidewalk I would be safe. Luckily no ass landings. I walked to the Metro without any incident. Some of the time I was in the street.

The sidewalks by work were another story. Part of the sidewalks consist of these small red bricks. They look really pretty but they freeze much more quickly then a regular cement sidewalk. There were a couple of tense moments on that walk. But I made it there in one piece.

It seems there is a possibility of more freezing rain tomorrow afternoon. Then some snow on Thursday which could turn out to be more than just a couple of inches.

Where or where is spring.

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