Thursday, November 09, 2006

And the news just gets better

It seems that the Democrats will have control of the Senate too. There are rumblings that Allen will save us the waiting and concede today. Webb’s lead has help up and there seems little reason to think that that will change. There was also no widespread or discernible voter problems or fraud.

And thus ends George Allen’s presidential ambitions. Another one bit the dust as well. Rick Santorum’s idea of running was completely crushed. What a loathsome slimy excuse for a human being. His far right knuckle walking ideas will not be missed at all.

Bush’s news conference was interesting. His statement talked about working with the Democrats but the longer the news conference lasted the less and less that seemed likely. He seems unable to understand that the American people want out of Iraq. I think the public is reaching the point where they just want out. Bush needs to really show that he’s trying different things or people will just start demanding we leave no matter what happens after we go. Getting rid of Rumsfeld may help but the mid set at the very top has to change and to be frank that seems to be unlikely.

Funny article in the Post about the blame game and it started so quickly.

It would be so nice to give the Republicans what they deserve in pay back. See how they like being shut completely out of the process like they did to the Democrats. Having the rules gutted or rearranged to suit legislation from the Democrats. But in the long run that will only hurt the Democrats. They need to keep the big picture in mind and not stoop to the level the Republicans did. So far the Democrats have been saying all the right things. They also come up with a good agenda to start with that most people will agree with. The minimum wage being the big winner. I believe it was on at least half a dozen state ballots and won by huge margins.

For the first time in a very long time I’m hopeful about the direction this country can go in. More than anything this has restored the two party system in this country.

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Anonymous said...

It's weird. Even with the country turning against the Republicans over Iraq, if they could have managed not to say "macaca" or get fresh with page boys, they'd still be in power! PP — pretty pathetic. - Ed