Monday, November 27, 2006

Putting up decorations

I’ve started decorating the outside of my house with lights. It seems a little early to be doing this but it actually is since there’s an extra week in the holiday season this year.

I’m going to be doing it stages. In part so I don’t get so frustrated from untangling all the lights. Of course there’s all the fun of getting the tape off the role. My favorite part is when the piece you’ve finally gotten off the roll ends up sticking together. This usually happens just as your ready to use the piece and most likely when you are on the top step of the step ladder.

I started yesterday. I bought an additional 300 lights (in stings) and also 300 blue icicle lights. I got them at Target. There the only place that seems to have the blue icicle lights.

I’ve done one side of the porch and one of the pillars. I’ll try and get some pictures as things progress.

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