Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I voted?!

I voted but I didn’t get one of the stickers that says that. They didn’t have any at the polling place. There was only one electronic voting machine and it seems like they were having problems with it (wow that comes as a big surprise). So I voted the old fashion way with a pencil. With the ballots in DC you connect the two ends of an arrow by drawing a line between the two parts. Very high tech. I was voter number 73 which is not too bad since the polls had been open less than an hour.

As I said, I’m not feeling optimistic. I don’t think the Democrats can take the Senate and the House is a question. I really hope the Democrats can win at least one chamber. If not, then it will be business as usual. The Republicans will bow down and do whatever Bush wants them to do. In order to stay in power the Republicans in Congress and especially in the House have abdicated their responsibilities of over sight. It’s amazing how quickly the Republicans became corrupt. All in the name of staying in power. What happened to term limits and limited government and all the other crap in the Contract on America. It’s interesting how quickly one’s perspective changes when you come into power and the single most important thing is to stay in power.

People in the elected branches of government have reached the point where everything is a perpetual campaign. One election ends and then the next begins. Once the results of today are know, its off to the '08 presidential election.

On another note I realized over the weekend that Bush is right. Stay the course has never been the policy of the administration. The reason for that is simple: staying the course implies that there is an actual policy. To stay the course you have to have a policy to stay the course with and the Bush administration doesn’t have a policy on Iraq. Or to paraphrase Bill Maher the post war policy on Iraq was written down on the back of a cocktail napkin at Applebees.

I think more and more that the following statement I came up with under Bush one is more and more true:

If the people in power today were the people in power during World War II, we would be speaking German today. If the people in power today were the people in power during the Civil War, when I go to Virginia I wouldn’t be going to another state I’d be going to another country. And if the people in power today were the people in power during the Revolution, Queen Elizabeth would be on our money.

I’m hoping the results tonight prove me wrong or at least give me some hope.

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