Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What a difference a day makes . . .

Twenty four little hours.

The political landscape has completely changed. The Democrats control the House and it’s possible the Senate as well. And Don Rumsfeld is gone as Secretary of Defense. There’s lots and lots of talk about working with the Democrats from all sorts of Republicans. One party rule has come to an end. Hopefully most of the Republicans arrogance has been swept aside as well.

I’m very skeptical that Bush will be able to change his stripes. He seems only able to see things as black or white. Right or wrong. Interesting how he must now work with the Democrats who he essentially characterized in the campaign as traitors to their county.

The Democrats have to be careful too. They can’t go half cocked looking for revenge on the Republicans. Although they surely deserve to have their asses kicked but that happened in the election.

As we say in my family we’ll see.

Once again wow what a 24 hours.

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