Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Interesting result from the election

Here’s what I think is a rather interesting result from the election. It comes in the way of ballot propositions in six states to increase the minimum wage. It passed in all six states. The closest was in Colorado where it received 53% of the vote. The totals go up from there. 56% in Ohio, 66% in Arizona, 69% in Nevada, 73% in Montana and 76% in Missouri. The proposition in Arizona not only increased the minimum wage but said it would increase as inflation did.

Now why can’t the Congress of the United States pass a similar law (oh I know why the Republicans have been in charge). I think it is way past time since there hasn’t been an increase in ten years. Someone at work said that each time Congress votes itself a raise, the minimum wage should go up by the same percentage. I think that is a pretty good idea.

I know this is one of the things on the Democrats agenda let’s hope they make sure it gets passed.

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