Saturday, April 21, 2007

Adobe Creative Suite

I went to a great seminar on Wednesday about Adobe Creative Suite 3. It was amazing. There are all sorts of new and cool things that have been incorporated into this version of the update. I mostly use InDesign so I was most interested in what was new for it.

And some of the fun things are:

The search function has been really upgraded. You can now even search for color in a document. It's such a pain to delete what you think are extra colors in a document only to find out that it exists in the document somewhere. Word loves to bring in all sorts of loopy extra colors.

You can now put styles in folders in the style pallet which will make it so much easier to find styles. No more scrolling through the style list to find the one you want.

Much more robust controls for bullets whether just regular old bullets or numbered bullets.

You can import master pages just like you can styles from other documents.

The pallets are no longer called pallets and they are all arranged on the right hand side of the screen with symbols for each of them. You then click on the symbol and the menu pops out. This will make it much easier to use.

Anyway those are some of the highlights. It was a very interesting day. We probably won't get at work until the fall. Let all the bugs get worked out by someone else.


Arthur Schenck said...

Being able to put styles into a folder sounds like it would make it easier to delete the loopy styles that Word files also like to bring with them.

Jason in DC said...

Yes it does. Also, when you do the find font command to replace fonts in a document where you don't happen to have that particular font in your system, you can replace the the unfound font in any style it appears in too.