Saturday, April 28, 2007

I caulk, you caulk, he, she it caulks

Oh my goodness. I actually did a do it yourself home improvement project. I think I did it correctly and hopefully it will turn out ok. When it comes to home improvement projects I'm definitely all thumbs. Not only am I all thumbs but there not even opposable thumbs.

Anyway, the caulk around my bath tub looked horrible (I believe the correct description is black and gross) so I decided I needed to redo it. Having a Home Depot at the end of the street certainly helps. Thursday night after work I go in there to find some caulk. I know there is usually some in the paint department so I started there first. There I found: liquid nails, silicone adhesive, glue for tile and finally some caulk. It came with its own nozzle so I wouldn't need to use a caulk gun.

Last night I pulled all of the old stuff off the tube. Except for one little area which I could not get to come off. I followed the directions on the tube and presto caulked tub.

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